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Inventory Management

Optimize your space for maximum traffic and sales volume.

Take control of your inventory.

An effective inventory management system helps brands…

Reduce costs, increase revenue, analyze sales patterns and predict future sales.

J2 helps brands make the best of their space, keep track of available inventory, ensure products are properly priced and stocked, avoid dead stock and accurately forecast demand.

  • Audits

    J2 can conduct regular location, marketing and merchandising audits to help you maximize your brand’s exposure… and profitability.

    Our Auditing Services include:

    • Location Surveying
    • Marketing Audits
    • Fixture Audits
    • Product Audits
    • Ticket Sweeps (Pricing)
    • Shipping & Receiving
  • Loss Prevention Counts

    Though physical inventories, spot checks and cycle counts, J2 can track shrinkage and share actionable insights to help you develop an effective loss prevention strategy.

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